Monday, 3 September 2007

Back to work....

....for the second time!! Yes, I know that doesn't quite make sense. To clarify - I (foolishly perhaps!) have two jobs, I went back to the first one after my holiday in Devon and a week at home, and I went back to the second one today after the month of August off.

Now, normally there aren't many jobs that would give you the whole of August off, but I am one half of the evening shift at a local university library and as there are practically no students around in August, the library closes at 5:30pm during August, so I am out of a job! Which is very nice of course as I get to go home and put my feet up much earlier than usual!

Today, and for the next year (baring the usual time off) I wont get home until late! I do sometimes ask myself "why oh why am I doing this" - well, let me tell you, my bank account hasn't seen the colour red for a while now!!

Besides which, it stops me from sitting at home twiddling my thumbs and raiding my biscuit tin!! Having said that, the evening library (if that makes sense) seems to have an inordinate amount of goodies in the staff kitchen!! There are about 20 staff and it always seems to be someone's birthday or someone has come back from a holiday or are celebrating something else!!

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