Monday, 24 September 2007


I freaked myself out this evening by buying return tickets to Australia!!! Yes, I did intend to do so, it is just a bit disconcerting to know that I am definitely going now (baring any mishaps of course, but that is what my insurance is for!).

I have three weeks in Australia next year and I look forward to seeing as much as I possibly can! Of course, Sarah will tell you that I am going especially for her wedding to Phil, and of course, that was the incentive to finally get me going to Australia. I mean, I was always going to go one day, but 'one day' never seems to turn up does it? So this was a good opportunity to get my act together!

I was going to leave the tickets for a little while longer, but every time I checked online they seemed to keep rising, so I thought better do it now before it gets ridiculous! So I am now flying Qantas at 10pm on a Friday and will be flying via Singapore and will land Sunday morning at about 11am! The journey back is about the same length, but I take off on Saturday evening at about 6pm and land Sunday morning at 7am - that just doesn't seem right does it? All those time zones!! ;-)

Anyway - it's ages yet before I actually go, but even now I am excited about it, so I expect that I will be climbing the walls and getting everybody annoyed by the time I actually go!!

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Miki said...

annoy-away ... just mak sure you take LOADS of photos while your there to share with those of us who can't make it :o) xx