Sunday, 19 August 2007

The West Wing

Hmmmmm, the things that people (i.e. me!) do when they are bored. I recently been spending quite a bit of time watching The West Wing - I just love that series and am currently waiting for the seventh (and final) season to arrive in the post for me!!

But that has nothing to do with what I get up to when bored - when I am bored - I go online and potter about doing rubbish stuff and I have discovered that, when I answer a bunch of turns out that I am most like Leo McGarry.

As the captain of the Bartlet Administration's boat, the chief of staff is a work-a-holic. As the captain of the Bartlet Administration's boat, the chief of staff is a work-a-holic. Although he is sometimes haunted by the demons of his past alcohol and drug abuse, because of his character and perseverance there is no one more admired on the staff than he.

:: Which West Wing character are you? ::

Clearly, I have too much time on my hands if I can be bothered to go online and fill out one of those online quizzes!! I have to admit that they are fun though!! If you are a fan of the series, then it is quite obvious as to which character would say what in each answer to each question, but I tried not to be too choosy about my answers! So, I'm Leo McGarry am I? Let's just say that other than the odd glass of wine, I am not about to be needing the 12 step program! Neither am I a workaholic (me - ha ha ha), I am however rather bossy (and my brothers would be the first to agree with me there!!).

I would love to say more about why I am (or not) like the West Wing's Chief of Staff, but I think that I would end up in Matt's very very bad books if I say too much about the whole series - he hates it when people drop spoilers to things that he hasn't seen yet!! I can understand that, but I also don't...I am the person who (occasionally) reads the last page of a book, particularly if the story isn't quite going the way I want it to!!

NB: have just discovered that, apparently, fans of The West Wing are called Wingnuts!! ;-)

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