Friday, 3 August 2007


For the upcoming week, I am on holiday in Devon with what seems like most of the family!!

So, unless, I can get to a computer or the cottage has wireless capability and someone brings their laptop (I want one!), I wont be posting until I get back!

Anyway, I have been sorting out what I need to take with me - including a new picnic rucksack that has all the appropriate bits in it. What was very funny though - was the little note inside the rucksack - all about safety and washing stuff before using it, which I can was the little bit at the end that cracked me up! It said...
Bottle opener (if included) is non-food contact item,
please don't contact any food or drink.
Well, you can see why I laughed!! ;-) I hardly think that I will be phoning the sausage rolls, emailing the jam-tarts or writing to the lemonade!! I wonder what language it was translated from!?

It should be a fun holiday though - me, Mum, Dad, Matt, Andy, Marielle, Tom and Emily! (Tom and Emily being three and one respectively!) - oh, not forgetting Mum and Dad's dog Poppy! Who will have an interesting time of it at the cottage because at home she is not allowed upstairs, but apparently the cottage is an upside down one where the bedrooms are on the ground floor and the living accomodation on the first, so we will have to coax her upstairs and say that she is allowed to do that!! (and when they get home.....?)

I shall be taking my new camera and hope to get lots of good photos.

All that remains now is for me to hope for good weather - we have certainly had enough rain these past few weeks! The last few days have been promising and I think that the forecast does look good, if today is any indication (21 degrees and sunny) then I think that we should be ok!

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