Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Better late than never!!!

Yes, about eight months after I started this jigsaw (just before last Christmas!!) I have finally finished this jigsaw! But before you think that I am terrible at jigsaws, let me reassure you that I am simply just a procrastinator!! I do realise that being a procrastinator is no better than being slow at jigsaws!! But the jigsaw was all but finished sometime in January and I got fed up with all the difficult ones that naturally seem to be left til last, so I put it away and never got back to it until last weekend - ta-daaaah!

I like it too - I seem to have become rather a fan of the Ravensburger Christmas edition jigsaws, I think that I now have about six or seven of them - I bought a couple off e-bay and I have completed about three of them! Obviously, there seems little point in doing them at any other time except Christmas, and as they produce a new one each Christmas, I may never get round to finishing the ones that I bought on e-bay!

By the way - only 125 days until Christmas!!


Miki said...

I think you should celebrate it's completion with a nice warm mug of gluhwein :o)

Andy said...

And I think you're a great big weirdo. ;-)