Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Pinch Punch and it's...

...the first of the month, and no returns!

Andy and I live about 160 miles away from each other, but on the first of each month we try to be the first to say "pinch punch" by text message or email!! Usually text as this is fastest! Andy caught me out this morning as I had completely forgotten and it wasn't until I was watching GMTV news and they mentioned the date that I remembered, so I rushed to my phone, only to see a little envelope on the screen - it had to be Andy, and of was! He even said "pinch punch. ner ner ner ner ner" - cheeky devil!! But that is probably only because I think that I managed to be first the last two or three times!! (I will even admit to having a saved message on my phone that I can send as soon as I remember!)

The thing is - I want to know where on earth this tradition has come from? I had a brief look on the internet and even got a colleague at the local reference library to look it up, but neither of us could come up with a definitive answer!

Anyway, that very same Andy also sent me a link today - it is on the BBC website where, it would appear that a rugby player shares my name! How bizarre is that, of course, if you ever want to google me (!?!) all you'll discover is that I either play rugby, basket ball, lacrosse, or the double bass!! (there would appear to be more than one person out there with my name!)

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Lorrie said...

Check out for a definitive check on you uniqueness. I am, of course, truly unique. How about you?