Sunday, 12 August 2007

Home from the Holidays!

Hi - we are all now home from Devon! Apart from one very very wet day (where we got rained out at the Donkey Farm!) we did quite well weatherwise, we even managed two, yes two, barbecues!!

Of course, the journey down and back was horrendous - lots of traffic going nowhere! We managed to take four cars between us!! See the photo of the four cars being packed for coming home! Still, it was good thinking as Andy's car misbehaved halfway through the holiday and needed a visit to the garage!

If we didn't have quite so many cars, we would not have been able to visit Kents Caves in Torquay or visited Paignton Zoo - where a tiger escaped!!

We also visited Finch's Foundry (which is actually a Forge, but why they have called it a Foundry instead, I have no idea!), Dingles Steam Museum - Matt and I actually sat outside the museum with the dog as she wasn't allowed in. Matt found it quite amusing actually cos we were at a picnic table with a pot of tea for two, I was reading and he was writing in his journal - he said something to the effect that we were a pair of old fogies!!

What else did we do...we didn't actually do all that much seeing as we had to ensure that the children got fed and had their naps! Still, it was nice to be with the family and just enjoy the company and have fun with the children!! I think that Grandpop got the biggest kick of the children, in particular with Tom, as he made a dragons nest (complete with eggs made from melons!) for Tom to find one morning; and one day Grandpop and Tom made some chocolate chip and smartie cookies - they were very nice indeed.

All in all, a very good holiday! I think that the only person immediately back to work is Matt!! Andy and Co. are off to France to see Marielle's family, Mum is on school summer holidays, Dad isn't back to work until Tuesday and I have another week off!!! ;-)

By the way, I should probably mention that, as ever, I said something funny!! Except that this was not a mispronunciation, but more of a malapropism - Marielle was given a late birthday present by Nana and Grandpop - a summer weight dressing gown, and I promptly said something like "oh, I have just bought myself a dressing summergown". I did not even twig the fact that I said it - I normally realise immediately and start laughing, but this time everyone just looked at me askance and said "pardon?!"

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