Saturday, 3 October 2009

Saturday Sundries

And it’s another post full of nothing!

  • One of the people at work compiles the regional monthly newsletter and one of the pieces this week was submitted by someone calling themselves a “trainee library”!! Clearly she didn’t mean to say quite that, but I wonder what a trainee library would look like – would it only have little books?!

  • Did you know that today is World Card Making Day!!? No, I didn’t know that too, but then I suppose with all the other “days” out there, I am not surprised that there is a card making one too – so I have been making a few cards today – need to get ready for Christmas. (That said – I simply cannot believe that the shops are stocking their Christmas merchandise already – I am not looking at it on principle!)

  • I collected the new hoover on Tuesday and gave it a spin that same evening – it’s a pretty strong hoover!! I would certainly recommend the Miele Cat and Dog if you have a pet the sheds hairs all over the blooming place! I had to change the first bag pretty quickly cos my last hoover just doesn’t pick up all the finer hairs and when I did I thought that I had broken the hoover already!! I had to pull the bag out with a bit of a tug and the mechanism that holds it in also came out!! You can probably guess that I panicked a bit until I realised that it was meant to do that so it doesn’t get broken when pulling the full bag out!

  • This coming week is going to be interesting – on Monday evening I am joining a new book club at the local library, I have never been to one before so I hope it will be fun! Wednesday I have my interview with the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – it’s going to be a long day starting at 10:30am and going on for as long as necessary – apparently it can take quite a few hours! Thursday I am back at university to start the second year of my part time Masters, Thursday evening I am off to a local college to relearn sign language and I am hoping that I can pick it all up again!


At My Own Pace said...

I want a new hoover... clean floors are my thing. I get antsy when it's time to hoover. Hehe. Except our hoover is terrible... and I swear the people who lived here before us didn't believe in hoovering... :)

Mrs. Spit said...

That's really cool for the Hoover.

I have a book for you on my counter, can you send me your address, and I'll pop it in the mail?

jen said...

wow good luck with all that! hope you have the day off on friday(!)

and what make was your old hoover? please don't say it was a dyson...

Reluctant Blogger said...

Gosh you are busy.

The hoover does sound good. I have a Dyson and it is pretty good (I like to be able to see all the gunk swirling around) but I dunno, it doesn't seem to suck as hard as it used to. I probably need to clean the filters or something!