Friday, 30 October 2009

Crafty Evening!

The end of this busy week saw me visit a new card making friend at her Stampin’ Up Open House. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you need to know that Stampin’ Up is a craft company that works through individual seller (like Avon or Tupperware) to sell stamps, paper, inks and all manner of wonderful things. Anyway I had a great time at Hayley’s place and her blog is over here at All Things Pink and Fluffy.

Hayley is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator that has come back to the fold after a little break and so to get started again she had an open house where you could come along and meet some like-minded crafty people, make some cards, have a cuppa tea and just enjoy a good old natter with friendly people!

I ended up making these three cards…


I think that the first one below is my favourite, it is a z fold card and I just love that wintry looking Church on the front – you probably can’t see, but there are little bits of glitter strategically dotted about the place! (you need to wiggle the card a bit to see that as the glitter catches the light, but you can't exactly do that online can you!!?)


This red wreath was the first one I made tonight and I rather like how it has turned out – a clean and simple sort of card that can be made fairly quickly.


The last one looks a bit flat, but what you really can’t see in the picture is that the two green baubles are popped up on foam stickies, so they stick out from the rest of the card.


What this one probably needs is a bow or two on the tops of some of the baubles – the cards that Hayley showed us did have bows but I didn’t fancy putting a bow on at the time.

Although they are a bit expensive, the more I use the Stampin’ up stuff the more I love them – I just need to play a bit more! Anyway, thanks for a great evening Hayley, I look forward to many more!! (and if you guys want to see more of my hand made cards, you can see them on my card making blog!!)


At My Own Pace said...

Those are great!!!! I've always wanted to make cards but I'm so not talented with paper! I might just have do make them digitally and get them printed. Heh. :)

Reluctant Blogger said...

They are lovely. We used to make cards as children but I have never done it with my own brood. Perhaps I should try. People do always love to get homemade cards. Just not sure I can face all the mess!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Nice cards, my fave is the baubles. Right now. WhenI ook again it'll be oneof the others. I'm fickle like that, just love all stamps!
Thanks for your message on my blog - small world huh! I'm actually in Ludgershall, but not unknown in your neck of the woods at Snazzy and of course in Marlborough. We have a crop here as well as a fab shop worth a visit. If you venture this way, let me know!

Angie said...

Love the bauble card ....yes I did follow what you were talking about re stamping up ...and I love the expression on your cats face. lol

Anonymous said...

I love your cards. I'm a cardmaker too. It's so relaxing when you get into it. :)