Thursday, 1 October 2009


Well.....I can no longer deny that it is Autumn.  Yes, it's the first of October today and yet; while it is rather damp and gloomy out there I am still wearing my sandals and am hanging on to summer for as long as possible and wringing every ounce of warmth from the sun as I possibly can.
Still, I think that Autumn is one of my favourite seasons - the air changes, the leaves turn red, the mist in the morning looks enchanting.  If only the nights didn't get darker, if only the temperature didn't drop, or if only the spiders didn't start emerging (yesterday I found one in a shoe that I hadn't worn for a few months!!), along with those crane flies that dance around the room dangling their legs in your face!!
Nevertheless, I still like Autumn and the lingering warmth that makes for some excellent walks (although I really should actually GO on a walk or two!!). I like it when it gets noticeably colder and makes you want to snuggle under the duvet and really tuck yourself in to avoid that cold air, I like it when I can get the candles out as it just doesn't seem right to burn candles in the summer, I like it when I put on a jumper that I haven't worn since March.
Simply...despite my occasional whinges, I like Autumn!



Reluctant Blogger said...

It's been lovely here today and I am still holding out in my flipflops!!!

I have never been a fan of autumn but I am trying to be positive about it this year. And so far I am succeeding -helped by the summery weather. I am not good with ends and Autumn always feels like an ending to me.

Alice Teh said...

Sam, I love autumn and how I wish there is autumn here where I live! It's summer all year round. Hurrrmph!

jelly said...

I have to agree, autumn is my favorite season.
The smells, the food, the crisp, cool nights.

Not looking forward to a cold, cold winter, but autumn, yes, I'll take it.