Friday, 4 July 2008

Random Thoughts

Yes, I know, it's not Thursday, which is when my usual Random Thought Bubble appears!

Alice has actually tagged me for another meme (thanks Alice!), but as I did one yesterday, I didn't think that it would be fair to inflict another one on you all, so I will leave that for another day! Instead, I will subject you all to utterly random thoughts!

  • Firstly, I did something silly at work the other day! It was at my evening job where I am on duty with one other colleague from 5:30pm to 10pm and it was just about ten o'clock so I started turning all the lights off upstairs.....only I didn't realise that there was someone left upstairs and it was a bit dark up there!! Then to add insult to injury I didn't hear him calling for someone to turn the lights on again - a wee bit deaf in the ears you see!! ;-) It was quite embarrassing - it still makes me laugh today!!

  • I had an enlightening trip to the supermarket today!! I was at the checkout and the couple in front of me had a lot of shopping, I think that the bill came to about 190-something pounds! It was quite a surprise to me to see someone spend that much on what looked like food and few extra bits and pieces, I just hope that they manage to eat it all, perhaps they are having a party. Perhaps that is their usual weekly spend, who knows - they may have a whole houseful of children to feed! It does make me curious to see what other people are buying (I am incurably nosy!) and wonder what their plans for the week are!

  • I got into trouble with the parents this week! Actually, that's not true, my youngest brother got me in trouble with Mum and Dad!! What happened was that I had arranged to visit M&D in a few weeks time and so I emailed little bro and asked him if he would like to come and visit the Olds with me as I could swing by and pick him up! The little tattle tale promptly forwarded on the email in which I referred to M&D as the Olds!! Of course, I am now in all kinds of trouble! ;-)

And that seems to be it for today, aside from wishing all American bloggers a very happy Independence Day, I wish we had as many holidays as you seem to!!

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    Andy said...

    I finally remembered - *this* was the post I was going to comment on. The bit where you said about how much those people were spending on shopping - you'd be surprised! With just two kids, I was pleasantly surprised this morning when the bill came to just over £100! It's often quite a bit more than that!

    But yeah, I've always wondered if I worked in a supermarket, would I always be trying to guess what people are going to do with the bits and pieces they buy - which is especially funny when I'm the one buying the few random bits that we've forgotten mid week, cos then I try to imagine what I could be doing with just the bits that I've bought, often with odd results!