Monday, 14 July 2008

God bless the internet!

There are some days when I just have to thank whomever it was that invented the internet!!

Last night, Mum and I were watching The Royal and then Midsomer Murders and all the way through them both, we were making comments about the programmes and making each other laugh, we took it in turns to dash off and make the tea during the advert breaks and despite all the conversation, neither of us guessed who the murderer was in Midsomer Murders.

And the best thing about it all - we were 150 miles apart!!! I was on my big comfy armchair and Mum was on her low backed sofa (Dad prefers that high backed sofa!) and we both had laptops and Gmail chat!! I love the internet, it really was as though Mum and I were curled up on the same sofa making silly comments to each other; and even if I could use the telephone, it wouldn't have been the same trying to talk over the phone whilst listening to the television so in this case the laptop was definitely better even though I sometimes moan about not being able to hear people over the phone.

It was great fun, particularly now that Mum types a heck of a lot faster than she used to!! ha ha!


Wishing 4 One said...

Me too- I so love the internet. My mom and I chat every Sunday, we're so far apart but we see each other as if we are in the same room, which we are, but on cameras. God Bless this invention.

Tess said...

Very cool - my mum doesn't have a laptop and is three hours ahead of me, so this wouldn't work for us.

This also reminds me that The Royal hasn't been on here in a while, so I've lost track of the story again. It only plays intermittently. At least I know EXACTLY when Heartbeat is on (we're at least a series behind you over there and are waiting for the next one to start in late September - grrrrr)

Andy said...

Ok, obliatory geek comment: it was Tim Berners Lee who invented the internet. Kind of.

And for balance: what do you mean, "it wouldn't work as well over the phone"? Haven't you seen "When Harry Met Sally"?

Alice Teh said...

What would I do without the Internet? I dare not think of it...

God bless the inventor of Internet.