Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

I found an interesting blog a few weeks ago written by a guy called Brody, he has lots of interesting posts including one called Stats Suck Sunday, but the one that I want to talk about is his Positive Post Tuesday as I think that I could do with highlighting some of the great people in my life and saying a few nice things about them! (particularly as I don't always appreciate what I have around me!)

Because she made me laugh today with her suggestion of having us (Ann, Trish and myself) attend a pole dancing course, I am going to tell you all about Ann and how she makes me feel at work!

There are many times when Ann manages to confuse me with the mere mention of having to work out her leave allocation (don't ask!). But that's not all she manages to do...she supports me in the decisions I make, encourages me to think about different ways of working, prods me to come up with new books titles for the library and then orders and catalogues all those books!

Although I am the so-called manager of the library, Ann is the oil in the wheels and makes me feel capable of running the library because I know that she will support me in what I do or let me know that perhaps that is not a good idea! She is not afraid to let me know that I am wrong, but tells me so with a laugh and a joke and then we fall to discussing the issue.

All in all, I am glad that she is on my team and I am glad that we can laugh together, as if you can't laugh at work then you've got problems!! Ann....this one's for you!

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Anonymous said...

Sam - that is reallly nice of you, no one has ever said anything so nice about me. I really enjoy working with you and think you are an ace boss (I do enjoy confusing you with my leave tho ...)
Thank you for the post
Luv A