Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Curriculum Vitae

I was just updating my CV yesterday so that I could add it to the application form for the course that my boss suggested I do and it suddenly occurred to me that along with my list of hobbies and non-work qualifications and interests I should list my blogging as a hobby.

I did feel a bit strange about that, but it is something that I definitely consider a hobby and so if can put down "reading and walking" along with "am a qualified Brownie Guider" then I should most definitely let them know that I am a keen blogger! Quite what they may make of that information I do not know, but perhaps it will be a conversation starter in a way that "reading and walking" just can't be.

Have any of you guys listed blogging as a hobby on your resume, do you even want do, or do you prefer to keep that part of your life quite separate? Naturally you may have reasons for not putting it in your CV, particularly if you blog about something extremely personal like infertility or something quite frivolous like cupcakes!! I can't actually remember the exact wording of that sentence on my CV but I didn't give the URL of blog as I think that that would be a step too far - I think that it is enough that blogging is noted as a major hobby of mine and if anyone wanted to ask a question about it they could.

Incidentally, if you are interested, the course that I have applied to do is a MSc in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care. Perhaps not something that I would have paid for myself, but it is being paid for through the regional health authority and I do feel that it would be good to do. It's a three year course and the first year is the Certificate, the second the Diploma, and the third the Masters - the dissertation stage. So, if I was happy with the Certificate after one year then I could stop, but there is a little academic inside of me that is going "a Masters, it's a Masters, yes we'll do this one!" There is also a little imp inside of me that is saying "My brothers haven't got a Masters, I can get one first!", which is all very funny but both little voices are quite the motivators!!


Anonymous said...

Sam - you just 'have' to do the Masters, just imagine the joy in getting one before your brothers! That alone will keep you motivated (and of course we can prod you now and then if you need it)
A xx

Katie said...

I don't put blogging in my CV or aplication forms, mostly because I don't want people at work to know about it. My blog is where I come to talk about everything, sometimes it might be less than positive about work, I'd rather they didn't even try and find it even though it's kind of anonymous.

Alice Teh said...

I've just updated my CV today too! I usually do it whenever there's a change (any change) in my professional life. In this case, it's the transfer to the holding company.

I do list my hobbies in my CV, and blogging is stated but I didn't provide the link. However, if ever anybody asks, I'll just tell them it's www.aliceteh.com. hahaaa :D

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put blogging on my CV or resume because I wouldn't want it to come back to haunt me.

Alice Teh said...

Hey Sam, I tagged you for a meme and I hope you'll play. :)