Monday, 28 April 2008

Week Two!

I am still jogging!! It hasn't gotten too difficult yet, so I am not that surprised that I am still jogging, I may need to psych myself up later in the programme.

It was slightly harder than last week though - last week I was alternating 60 seconds jogging and 90 seconds walking for twenty minutes, this week I am alternating 90 seconds jogging and two minutes walking also for twenty minutes.

Which doesn't sound like much does it? And to be honest, it wasn't that different from last week, I still need to learn how to regulate my breathing though. At least I didn't need to lie down on the kitchen floor to try and do some deep breathing to get my breath back like I did on the first day - was trying to concentrate on breathing from the abdomen rather than the chest and I find that lying down helps!

The nice thing about today's run was the sunshine, it was a bit cold, but the sunshine was glorious and it really was quite a pleasure to be outside getting some endorphins! I now have a nice little route through the village and thanks to a useful website I can now map my route and see how far I have gone and the last two runs I managed to cover just over two miles! (Yay me!)

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Me said...

That's awesome!!! Do you know my abs were killing me the day after I started! I didn't expect it! haha :) I'm going to need to repeat week 1 a few times I think because I am so unfit! :)