Thursday, 10 April 2008


It's been a while (not including last night) since I've posted! But at least I have a way to go before matching Mum's gap between posts, which is about eight months! (I wonder when the next post will appear!!)

But what do you do when you think that you haven't got anything to say!? Waffle on about everything and nothing and send everybody to sleep or just leave it until you do have something to say, only by which time everybody thinks that you have abandoned your blog and so they wont visit again!

Anyway....have been back from Australia for just over two weeks and two things are apparent to me; firstly - was it really only two weeks ago? It feels more like four weeks! Secondly - I miss being on holiday! All that lovely sunshine and utter lack of responsibility!

Coming back from a holiday (particularly a far-flung one) is strange, there is the usual let down of having to go back to work again, but also there is that sensation of wondering whether you have actually been at all!! If it weren't for my tan, you'd hardly think that I'd been away at all. I almost have to say to myself, emphatically, "yes, you have been to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and the Whitsundays".

I have had lots of lovely comments about my holiday photos and there are some that I am particularly proud of - here are a few!
Firstly - proof that was I indeed there and it wasn't all a figment of my imagination!!

Took this one on the ferry heading towards Sydney, I think that it was the day I went to Darling Harbour.

Sunset off Brighton (!) Beach in Adelaide where the temperatures hit 40 degrees!

Waterfall in the Blue Mountains just north of Sydney.

How's that for a little selection of the 800-odd photos I took in three weeks!!


Me said...

Great pics!! The waterfall one is beautiful! :)


Thew said...

I talk about m&ms... apparently. (I think that comes under the category of 'everything and nothing').
Lovely photos btw.

Alice Teh said...

Great pics, Sam! I love the way you used slow shutter speed to shoot the waterfalls. Cool!

Believe you me, I took just about that many photos in 2 weeks - when I was in Sydney. They're housed in Webshots (though not all of them...).

Sam said...

yes, I love that waterfall photo, I love the slow speed function on my camera and had been waiting for the right waterfall to test it on!

Ellen said...

ooohh so I've come from OWOH...and saw a post link to Australia ---ALWAYS wanted to go and we are planning on visiting next year. Any thoughts on the best time to visit --- esp with an almost 2 year old and potentially an under 6 month old??