Sunday, 13 April 2008


Huh - I've typed that word so many times now that I am no longer sure it is correct! But yes, the dictionary confirms it and explicitly states "to put off what should be done immediately".

Trace was talking about procrastination on her blog and it sparked such a response in me, so I thought that I'd write about it. She could have been talking about me as I too am a procrastinator in the true sense of the word, I put off things until they really have got to get done.

It is a peculiar response too as I know that I would feel better if I did something there and then rather than leave it until it becomes something that glares at me everytime I walk past. But no...I prefer to say "oh, I'll do it in five minutes"; except that those five minutes can stretch and stretch until I realise that I should have done it last week!

What I simply don't understand is that if a tidy house or bout of exercise or a nice pile of homemade greeting cards makes me feel better, why don't I do it, why do I decide that I'd rather read a book or watch television or lie in bed on a Sunday morning and ignore everything else, why?

I think that Trace and I need to get our heads together and work out a solution for this! It's certainly not making me happy being like this, but I can't seem to shake the habit! If anyone has any thoughts on the subject do let me know - do you procrastinate or are you like my fantastic sister-in-law who couldn't procrastinate if someone paid her to!


Alice Teh said...

I think I procrastinate selectively...

Literary Feline said...

I think I am a lot like Alice in that I procrastinate selectively. I tend to like to get the work out of the way first so that I can stretch out the fun later. I find it more satisfying in the end. However, there are certain things I do continuously put off in favor of doing things I'd much prefer doing. A lot depends on the activity and whether there's a deadline looming.

Me said...

Well, I haven't worked out a solution yet but I'll do that later... Hehe. Sorry, bad joke! :) I have seriously procrastinated all my life. I should ask my Mum if I procrastinated during child birth! :) Heh. :)