Sunday, 10 January 2010

Unexpected Treat

Yesterday I did something a bit unexpected!  I went to London to see the ballet at the Coliseum - The Snow Queen.  You see, a friend of mine was supposed to be going with her friend, but said friend got a bit nervous about travelling to London because trains have been delayed or even cancelled this week due to the weather.

Anyway, on Friday Ann asked me if I'd like to go instead; and, having nothing planned I jumped at the chance.  So, Saturday morning found me and my car sliding around the station car park trying to find a suitable spot to park in.  The journey to London (and back) was utterly uneventful - except that it was very very cold waiting at the station in the morning, so it was a good thing that I had my hands wrapped around a gingerbread flavoured hot chocolate! ;-)

We had some time to spare before the ballet, so we grabbed some lunch at a local pub and then wandered down to the Coliseum and settled down to watch the Show Queen.  Unfortunately we were on the end of a curved row of seats, so I had to lean forward a bit to see the whole of the stage - there were some unoccupied seats in the next row down, so we did move at the first interval and I am glad we did cos I was far more comfortable actually leaning back in the chair.

Well, the ballet itself was gorgeous - the costumes were dazzling, the footwork amazing (although there was one exceedingly close near miss with the Snow Queen and one of the other dancers!) and I thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected trip to London.  In fact, I really should go more often as it is only an hour away and if I am canny with booking my train tickets early, it really doesn't cost all that much.

It's lovely to do something unexpected!!  I wonder what will happen next!?


Mrs. Spit said...

Unexpected outings really are the very best things, aren't they?

Liz said...

Sounds really nice the show. Glad you enjoyed it, and went and got the best seat in the house in the end :)

Alice Teh said...

Doing the unexpected is almost always fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Sam!

Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh yes, I love unexpected outings too. If I know nothing is happening in advance I often work myself up too much about it - either too excited or talk myself into thinking Idon't really want to go. But when I just have to go that is fine and I nearly always enjoy myself.