Saturday, 16 January 2010

Testing testing!!

Have just downloaded blogpress lite to my phone so I am seeing whether it actually works. It probably does, but I can see that I am unlikely to use it very often unless I practice because it takes ages to type!! In fact it's probably not that slow but as I am a touch typer this typing with thumbs does seem very slow!!!! (not to mention funny like when I typed rhumba instead of thumbs the first time around!!)

I do have one problem already though - I don't seem to be able to add another blogger blog to blogpress lite as it doesn't like it! Has anyone else had any success there if you are using blogpress life for the iPhone?

- Posted from my iPhone - please 'scuse mistakes!!

Edited to say that I have worked out how to add my card blog to my iPhone - it was just me being a bit dim!! ha ha!!


Mrs. Spit said...


(and aren't iPhones amazing?)

Alice Teh said...

SIGH... iPhone. I want one too.