Sunday, 24 January 2010


Wow, it's been a week and a half and I am quite glad to have a whole day where I have nothing planned and nothing specific to do (aside from the usual house stuff that is!)  You see, a few months ago, I decided that I was in danger of digging my rut deeper and deeper and not doing anything to climb out of it; and so I began to find other things to do, not to mention people to meet!

Anyway, the silly thing is that I now feel that I have too much to do during the week!!  Where on earth do you draw the line and find that balance of having too much to do or being stuck at home feeling as though you're turning into a hermit!?

Mind you, this week just gone was a little unusual because I had three days at university and I think that if I hadn't had that travel to Bristol, then the whole week might not have been quite so tiring!!  So....what did I do in the evenings?  Monday night I was at my craft club making a cute little box of thank you cards, Tuesday night I was at a Pampered Chef party hosted by a friend (I bought some stuff!), Wednesday night I went to the ballet with some other friends to see Sleeping Beauty (it was a strange little ballet!), Thursday night I was off to my weekly sign language class - we are currently practising for our first exam which is next Thursday!!  Friday was a relief as I wasn't doing anything in the evening, but I still had to work during the day.  Saturday was fairly quiet, but I did go round to another friends house to take part in her craft afternoon - we made some lovely birthday reminder folders - you know the ones - where you can store birthday cards. In fact, I am quite likely to offer it up as part of the One World One Heart event which starts tomorrow.

Anyway - I am sure you can see why I felt a bit too busy last week, and for some reason next week is going to be just as busy as I keep accepting invitations and finding other things to do.  So, coming up this week is....Monday night is a free craft night as a friend is trying to increase her Stampin Up business; Tuesday night I have been invited to supper with a few friends; Wednesday night is tap dance (it's not on every week due to bookings in the hall), Thursday night is BSL exam night and Mum arrives for the weekend (yaaaay!).  Friday - I actually have the day off work so that Mum and I can do stuff together - although I still  need to go into work to get a blood test done (don't panic - nothing wrong - just a routine test) and the car is booked in to the garage for a service and MOT.

Really, I have gone from one extreme to the other; from sitting around all evening in front of the goggle box and laptop all week to barely having a moment to sit and snuggle with the cat!!!  It's all good fun though and I fully expect that it will all level off eventually and I will have the right balance of work and play.  If nothing else, although I am a bit irritated at being quite this busy, I am glad to be climbing out of my deep rut and getting to know people in the area and finding new things to do cos it really was quite depressing to find myself turning into a hermit!! ;-)


Reluctant Blogger said...

You always sound really busy and happy to me. I think you are that kind of person - and that's good.

I feel a bit over-run with things this week as well. I don't seem to be keeping up at all. But it makes the grey days of January pass swiftly so that is good.

Enjoy your week. But don't forget to stop and eat occasionally.

Alice Teh said...

I'm in a rut myself (blogging rut, that is). Been quite busy with a lot of stuff and I hope to be blogging regularly again soon. Have an enjoyable weekend!

Heckety said...

Janie Mac I'm exhausted just reading your week!
What did you buy from Pampered Chef? A friend is a 'rep' but I've never got to one of the parties due to either weather or children's taxi-ing. So, do tell?