Friday, 26 June 2009

Unusual sights

I simply could not believe my eyes on the way home from work today!  I don’t suppose I would have even spotted this if traffic hadn’t been heavy and slow moving as I would not have had time to properly look at the car in front of me.

Nevertheless, I had plenty to time to cast my eyes around and I saw this….


It probably isn’t all that clear as the photo was taken with my lovely new iphone (not to  mention through a rather dirty windscreen!), but if I hadn’t taken the photograph you would not, I mean NOT, have believed me (thank goodness for my new toy, eh!).

If you click on the photograph to embiggen (as several people seem to like saying!) you will see that there are two birds of prey in the car!  Yes, two birds of prey, both with hoods, one facing the back of the car and the other facing forwards.

Really, I had to look three or four times rather than the normal double-take to ensure that I wasn’t imagining things  It was quite amusing really – every time the driver braked a bit hard the birds would overbalance and have to get their wings out to straighten themselves up.

This is most definitely not a sight that you see everyday and I am quite sure that I will never ever see this car again – just pure fate that I happened to be behind this car in stationery traffic so that I had time to rub my eyes and then take a photo!!

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