Monday, 15 June 2009


I would appear to be rather pink today - whoops! The sun was obviously stronger than I thought yesterday, so I am a bit sore and kicking myself for not putting some suncream on. You can be sure that I have put some on today.

I had a good day yesterday as I walked along the coastal path from Penzance to Marazion, it's not that far and it has a lovely view of the bay with St. Michael's Mount out in the middle. Marazion is a lovely little town with several crafty shops and galleries, all ready to lure the tourists in!!

When it is low tide you can actually walk across the causeway from Marazion to St. Michael's Mount, but the tide was still going out when I got there. There are several boats that ferry people across to the Mount when the causeway is closed, so I hopped on board on of those and was on the island in about ten minutes (if that!) and spent a few hours exploring the house on top of St. Michael's Mount - it's quite an impressive house, my only wish is that I would have liked to have seen it as it was 50, 100 and 150 years ago. If only there was a little window in each room that would allow you look back and see everything exactly as it was.

By the time I had finished looking around, the tide was out and so I was able to walk back along the causeway to Marazion and then walk along the beach back to Penzance. The day ended with me sitting on a bench on the promenade eating sausage and chips - a perfect way to end a perfect day. (although I could have done without the sunburn!)

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