Thursday, 25 June 2009

feeding the cat

hmmm, did you know that if you wanted to look completely and utterly spinster-ish, all you have to do is say to someone that you don't mind staying in the library to help them for an extra 15 minutes because "there's only that cat that needs feeding at home".

I truly didn't mind staying to help, in fact, it seems to a particular trait of certain library users that they dash in just as you turn the computer off and they need to borrow a few books or need to find some information on the computer.

But, did I have to sound quite that twee! Surely there were more scintillating things I could have said such as..."no that's fine, the chauffeur can wait" or "yes, I'll help, but I really must go at 5:45 because I have a flight to Paris to catch" - anything, but anything instead of "the cat can wait".

Even now, I laugh and think - what possessed me to say something like that. Oh well, I can ignore that because I make up for it with extra coolness because I have a new phone!! And it's not just any phone of course, I have decided to splurge and get myself an iphone and I am already quite addicted! (ha ha, blogger's spellcheck does not like iphone!)

1 comment:

Mrs. Spit said...

You could have said that you simply had to be home by 6, because your adoring public would be waiting to hear from you!