Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ten things I like

starting with the letter M...  (thanks to my At My Own Pace for this!)

Memories.  There is nothing quite like looking back at old photographs and laughing about what happened or simply just remembering a good holiday.

M-People - I  just love their music - when I am driving too and from work I regularly listen to "Open up your heart" or "How can I love you more" - you'll even catch me singing along with the chorus!

Macomber, Debbie - one of my favourite romance authors along with Nora Roberts.  Debbie writes books with good sub-protagonists so that you don't feel as though the story is just about one couple and no-one else exists!!  Try the Cedar Cove series or the Blossom Street series, you can see more on her website.

Merlot.  I would have simply put wine, but that doesn't start with an M, so this will have to do.

Mars Planets - I know that is not strictly what this tasty chocolate is called, but it works!! This is a yummy chocolate based on mars bars and it is meant to the the mars bar broken down into three different bits and wrapped in chocolate - think of revels but like mars bars!

Melbourne.  This is a great city - cosmopolitan yet laidback. I love it when I visited last March and would love to visit again - I've got several years to save up for another mega holiday budget!!

Marmite!  I just love marmite on toast, it is perfect with a steaming hot cup of tea.

Money.  I can't deny this  - it helps my world go round!  Where would I be without the means to buy my books, chocolate, feed the cat, go on holiday!

My books - totally cheating I know, but I really do love my books.  I'd buy loads every week if I could but my budget just wouldn't stand up to it!!

Marshmallows - most especially on top of hot chocolate!

This was fun (although it took me a while to think of anything beginning with M.  It was tempting to go minternet or mtelevision or mchocolate!), and it's something that's been making the rounds these last few weeks, so if you fancy your own letter to work with, just let me know and I will send you your very own letter of the alphabet!!


Clare said...

sounds like fun, can you send me another letter and I'll have a go, ta. hugs Clare x

Me said...

Marmite......yummmm!!! D and I were having a conversation about the mites the other day - Marmite, Promite and Vegemite!! I was saying there's nothing better than one of those 3 on toast with a hot cup of tea! :)

Thanks for playing!!


Clare said...

Marmite on toast and a cuppa. mmmmm hungry mmmmm marmite, yummmm. So, you're sending me D, what do I do now?? hugs Clare x

Alice Teh said...

You cheated at "My Books"! LOL. Merlot is nice... :D

Clare said...

Great fun, thanks. I've done my 10 beginning with D. Have a look. hugs Clare. BTW glad u like the award for your other blog.

Lorrie said...

i think you forgot one!!

M for Mum

Sam said...

Sorry Mum!! I decided against putting people in my list cos then if I miss out someone it gets tricky, so no people at all!! But you know I love you!! mwah mwah!