Thursday, 19 February 2009

Police Questioning!!!

Shocked you didn't I!? Don't worry I didn't do anything bad!

I came home today and as I was walking from the car to the house (just across the road) two smartly dressed women came up to me and showed me their police identification and asked if I wouldn't mind helping with their enquiries.

Of course, I said I would help. So they asked whether I had seen a silver Mercedes in the area or a tall black man. I replied that I wouldn't know what a Mercedes looked like if I saw one!! I know, I know - I am not very interested in cars really. And if I saw a tall black man I wouldn't have made a mental note to remember him, I mean, why would I - he's just going about his business. The only reason I might have remembered anything was if he was behaving strangely.

What was even more interesting was that when I opened my door there was a little note on the doormat saying that the police were asking questions about a silver Mercedes seen at number 9 'my street' and would people call this number if they had seen anything!!!!

And why are the police interested in this Mercedes? Well, it was apparently involved (or at least seen at the time) in an armed robbery of a local Tesco Metro - eeek - I thought that I lived in a fairly sleepy little place. The good news that is two men have been arrested in connection with this.

I just didn't expect to come quite so close to me or even get asked to help the police with their enquiries! It really has been a rather interesting (or unusual!) week - tomorrow I will tell you about yesterday's trip to the House of Commons!


Bobbi said...

I'm like you, I can't tell one car from another. To me, a car is just something that gets me from point A to point B!

Kim L said...

Wow you got to help in a police investigation! Not an everyday thing!

My office is down the street from the police station. When I finally learned that I stopped wondering why I would sometimes see at least five cop cars go past me everyday when I went out for some air.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Goodness. I hope you stay safe. Keep your eyes open, though, just in case.

those cops could have and should have just printed out a pic of the make and model they were asking about. It could help a lot.

At My Own Pace said...

Wow!!! I'm glad they caught them!!!