Thursday, 8 January 2009

Mama Kat's Writing Challenge

I've mentioned (and taken part in) Mama Kat's writing challenge before, but it seems to have dropped off my radar recently - blame it on Christmas! Anyway, this week the prompts include "Who was your first bloggy friend? How did you find each other? Do you still correspond?"

This, I thought, was quite open to interpretation and it made me go back and have a serious look at my earlier blog posts all those years (!) ago. Which was actually quite interesting because I noticed that my first few commentators were mostly friends and family, all of whom now very rarely comment (hint!).

Back to the interpretation bit though - the reason I say that is because I have one or two commentators that appear on my blog before the one that I consider my first bloggy friend eventually arrived. So, I would argue that as the other bloggers don't comment on my blog any more as I must have scared them away and so I don't consider them my bloggy friend in quite the way that I do Alice!

Alice first commented on a post about Christmas Trees just over a year ago and much to my surprise she still comments!! Hi Alice! If I remember correctly we first found each other's blog through blogs that focused more on books and reading than anything else, although I am sure that Alice will correct me!

A teeny weeny bit more about Alice though - she eats out at restaurants a lot with a great bunch of people! This I can tell because she always has great foodie photographs along with photos of happy, smiley, friendly people who I must meet one day! Incidentally Alice has also just started a photographic blog, in fact, it is so new that there are only two photographs on it - the second one is an incredibly beautiful photograph of a water lily - the colours just pop!

All in all, she is definitely a blogger friend and I really should add myself to her list of followers, which I am off to do now! ;-)


Alice Teh said...

Awwwwwww Sam... I'm just SPEECHLESS! I'm blushing pink reading this post and I'm so, so honoured. Thank you very much, Sam, for your friendship and everything else.

You're right, though. I think we started off as bookish blog friends. Time really flies and I don't even realise that a year has passed!

I'm very happy to know that you like the photos I took and I hope to continue posting them for your enjoyment and also for all the others.

Can I give you a BIG HUG? *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

What a cute friendship post!

Melody said...

That's a very sweet post, Sam!
I may not leave comments as often but I'm still reading your blog! ;P