Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Honest Scrap

I got smacked in the face with the Honest Scrap award the other day! There are two rules to this - ONE list ten honest things about yourself even if you have to dig deep, and TWO pass the award to seven bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

(perhaps it's me but I first read this as Honest Crap! hmmmm)


One: I hate housework and so it's going to be fun when my youngest brother comes to live with me for a while - a very good challenge for me as I will have to learn to be more organised and far less lazy! (M arrives next week!)

Two: I made Easter Eggs for my brothers when I was in my early teens. Unfortunately I made them rather too soon and scoffed the lot! Whoops!

Three: I would love to be able to cook and throw a fab meal together, but I just can't do it!! Of course, I could probably learn, but I don't see much point cos I have strange eating quirks! (Baking is a different matter as I will quite happily bake a cake or two!)

Four: I get very very twitchy if I don't know where I am going - as Mum will attest, I can get extremely wrought and anxious when I am giving travel directions in the car and it goes wrong and I don't know where I am. Funnily enough I am better on my own and will sort myself out, but when I am trying to help others and I can't figure myself out....I go crackers!

Five: I don't see what the point is in spending lots of money on 'label' clothes when you can get stuff just as good in the local department store! (I have never been one for fashion)

Six: Neither do I understand how people can have several credit cards and spend right up to the limit and think that that is ok. I am sure that I would go quite mad with the stress of wondering how to pay it all off.

Seven: I can still do cartwheels! (I don't often do one, but I can!)

Eight: I annoy myself by not doing the ironing regularly as I have to iron what I wear first thing in the morning.

Nine: I love being casual - jeans and sweater usually rule the day, but do sometimes wish I could be a bit more put together!

Ten: Occasionally I break a rule, like driving faster than I should every now and then!! or like the one where I have to tag seven other bloggers with this meme!! I am not going to tag anyone with this as I reckon that you are all honest bloggers anyway, so if you fancy telling us more....have at it!


Alice Teh said...

I love being casual, too, and seldom dress up and hardly ever make up when I go out, even to work.

I'm not after 'label' clothes either. In fact, my clothes are bought from hypermarkets most of the time...

Me said...

I totally agree with you about being casual and label clothes. I buy labels when they are reduced by a million % and are cheaper then the cheap knock offs in the department store. Which is..never. Haha :) I try not to ever pay full price...sales all the way for me Haha