Saturday, 26 September 2009

Saturday Sundries

I don’t seem to have a single topic or thought today so I think that “sundries” will suit this post right down to the ground.

  • How difficult can it be to find the hoover you need!!? I have been looking for a Miele Cat and Dog that can cope with all the hair the cat seems to shed! First I spend ages trying to decide which hoover is best (there is such a thing as too much research!) and then I can’t find it. But – it has now been ordered from the little independent shop in the high street.

  • I am always surprised by those people that manage to talk without moving their lips!! I attended the first evening of an Alpha group on Wednesday and really struggled to lipread one of the participants – oh well – I shall have to see if he attends next week and whether I may get better at lipreading him or not. (I can see why some deaf folk have lipspeakers!)

  • Dad really really doesn’t like to hear his one and only daughter swear!! ;-) It wasn’t even what you’d call properly blasphemous – it was just a “bo11ocks"!” cos I’d made a mistake with the shoe rack that was I was building. But you should have seen the glare he gave me!!! (tee hee!)

  • It’s definitely getting colder now – I had to go put a jumper on earlier today. It looks as though I will have to start wearing proper shoes soon and I just know that wearing socks/tights is going to feel very very strange!

And I think that that is enough for now – if I can maintain the habit of semi-regular blogging then I should be able to keep going!!


Alice Teh said...

I tried talking without opening my lips and all I got was "hmmm... hmmm..." Hmm...

Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh yes, I hate that when people don't move their lips or they always look down, or even away. It is so annoying. I am not deaf but I do have trouble hearing (that is what my grandfather always used to say and I know what he means now!). I am fine on a one-to-one or in a small group with no background noise but in a big group or with lazy speakers I just give up and nod!!! Dread to think what I've agreed to.

My kitten is petrified of the hoover!