Tuesday, 22 September 2009


You see this book?

echo in the bone

It’s the book that Mum and I have been waiting for for ages and ages (no exaggeration I promise!). It’s the next instalment in the saga of Claire and Jamie written by the fabulous Diana Gabaldon.

It was published today. So why does that irk me….because it was published today in the United States, but is not published here until January 2010. At least it’s not January 2011 I suppose, but still – that is truly rather irksome.

Why on earth do publishers decide to publish in different countries at different times? What could they possibly gain from it? Oh well, I suppose it will have to be an exercise in patience unless I can find a generous American friend - ha ha!


Mrs. Spit said...

Would you like me to find it in San Fran and then mail it when I get home? do send me an email tonight or tomorrow am, if you want.

jen said...

failing that, try ebay? i got some american software from ebay once, because it was cheaper.

Alice Teh said...

Hmmm... that's not very nice. LOL! I hope you'll manage to find a workaround the predicament you're facing. Good luck!