Monday, 14 September 2009

Darkening nights

For some reason I happened to discover today that sunset this weekend is at 7pm – this threw me into a tizzy because it cannot possibly getting dark that soon just yet.

No, autumn has got to be further way that that!!  As much as I like the change of the seasons, they always seem to take me by surprise.  In Spring it seems like the trees will never burst into leaf when all of a sudden everything is green!

Summer (no matter how wet it is sometimes) always promises that there will be more sunshine and more long hot days where I can sit out in the garden.  So when I discover that the nights are drawing in I begin to realise that there will be no more sitting out in the garden in my t-shirt and shorts until next summer.  That is, unless I like to freeze!!)

There is something a bit sad about knowing that things are changing again, but there is also the anticipation of knowing that summer will come back again next year.  Although next year I think that I will go on holiday abroad to get some properly hot sunshiny weather as I don’t think that I could cope with another wet summer!


jen said...

7pm?! God. I know what you mean.

It will get to us after that though(!) ... I still remember how, a few years ago, we went to Scotland for a late summer camping hol, and when we got back home (in Lancs at the time), the sun set way before it had done in Scotland. Weird but true.

Right now I am freaking out about having to put an extra blanket on the bed... but denial costs one sleep.

Literary Feline said...

As I was driving home from work this evening there definitely was an air of fall about. This is my favorite time of year--summer giving way to autumn. I do prefer hanging on to the daylight longer though.

Alice Teh said...

It gets quite dark here by the time it's 7 p.m. It's summer all year round in Malaysia. SIGH~~