Monday, 4 May 2009

Dubai – a bit more!

We were in Dubai for a week, so yesterday’s post just wasn’t going to cover it was it? The Royal Family in Dubai want to make the place attractive to the tourists, only there really isn’t all that much to see in amongst the sand.

So, the Maktoums (Royal Family) decided to build it so that they will come, and boy – did they build it!! In fact, they are still building with what appears to be entire stock of cranes in the whole world – they are building shopping centres, business centres, resorts, amusement parks and so much more – including the tallest building in the world.


It doesn’t look that tall in this photograph but it really does stand out from everything else in Dubai and is called the Burj Dubai which simply translates as Tower Dubai and is over 800 metres tall – this next photograph really demonstrates how it towers over everything else in Dubai.


Apparently this building is going to host pretty much everything that is it possible to have in one building – shops, businesses, homes, hotels, swimming pools, and I am sure there are a lot more things but I just can’t think of any right now. (the official website also says that there are 15,000 square feet for fitness – whatever that means!!)

Not only do the Maktoums ask for the tallest building in the world, they also build things like indoor ski slopes. Now you might think that that is nothing unusual after all we have a few in the UK although the ones we have are nothing like the one in Dubai. The ski slope in Dubai actually has real snow! It is so funny to think that in a place that is hot and full of sand you can still go skiing!!


snow in dubai

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Alice Teh said...

Skiing there sure sound interesting! And I mean interesting!