Sunday, 10 May 2009

BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend

me and tents

As you can see, I was lucky enough to be one of those that won the ticket lottery to get two tickets for the Big Weekend as hosted by the BBC at Lydiard Park near where I live.

The big blue tent that you see behind me is the Main Stage tent where the biggest audiences are anticipated. There were also other stages - “In new music we trust”, "”introducing…” and an outdoor stage – all full of performers both familiar and unfamiliar.


There were 34 acts in total – starting at noon and going all the way to the close of the day at 10pm. As it is only just gone 8pm you can see that I did not stay all day, but I did enjoy what I did see, particularly as this was the first time that I had ever been to something like this.


So, I saw…Alesha Dixon, Scouting for Girls, Ladyhawke, Chase and Status, Sound of Guns, Marina and the Diamonds and I could have seen a lot more but with so much going on it was difficult to pick and choose what might be good. The headliners of the show appear last and so unless I stayed until the very end I wasn’t going to see them (the Prodigy, Lily Allen and Franz Ferdinand).


I didn’t mind leaving early as I had had a good day, seen enough, and was tired and needed to walk about 3 miles home while it was still light. Besides, the tickets were free so it didn’t bother me to leave early!!


As I had two tickets, I invited my cousin from Cardiff to come with me and at the very end of the day she decided to buy a cat hat! (naturally I threatened to walk at least a hundred paces away!)

cat head


Alice Teh said...

What fun!! I especially love the first pic, and all the others too.

Clare said...

lucky you, looks like you had a good day and it cost nothing so even better. well done you, hugs Clare x