Wednesday, 25 March 2009


NB: this is a test to see if emailing to my blog works.

Anyway - back to the subject - "habits". I am sure that some of you will have noticed that I have gone very quiet lately.

All I can say is that the blogging habit is a very easy one to break, especially when there is some effort involved in getting to the blog and then thinking about what I want to say. Then if you add a week's holiday in Dubai to that, you can see why I haven't blogged in a while!!

So, if you were eagerly anticpating holiday photographs all I can say is "whoops!" I will admit that half the trouble is that I can no longer access my blog at work as the powers that be have cut of all access to social networking type websites which includes blogspot! So, I can't quickly type up a blog just before I start work or during my lunch hour and by the time I get home that last thing I want to do sometimes is turn on my laptop.

Hence this email test to see if I can email a post to my blog and how it looks when it is goes nothing!!! (and thanks to Celia for asking if I am still around - yes, it was just a week's holiday ha ha!!)

P.S. the emailed post ended up in draft form - so I think that I need to set up something else first before I can publish by email - probably just a box that I haven't ticked yet!


Sam_I_am said...

one of the things that keeps me at my job is that I can blog while I'm there. lol

CJ said...

That is the way of blogging, it ebbs and flows. Glad you are back, hope the email thing works out!

Celia said...

Glad you are back! I do enjoy reading your blog during breaks!