Friday, 16 November 2007


What is it about days like today...I feel as though I have left my patience at home with the cat (who actually happens to be roaming the neighbourhood today!).

Every little thing is rubbing me up the wrong way today, it feels as though everything is going wrong - photocopier jams, printer jams, stapler jams, student can't upload her essay, IT can't fix a "page not displayed" message and I am just waiting for the next thing to make me go ARRRGHHHH.

It is odd how sometimes all those problems just roll off my back and I am bouncing from one thing to the next quite determined to fix it all so that everything runs as smoothly as it can. Unfortunately today is not one of those days, I will be happier when I get home and shut the door on everything tonight!! Light a few candles, pick up a good book and curl up with the cat when she decides to come in from the cold, which, knowing her will be as soon as I get home.

Still at least it is Friday, and I must just tell myself to get a grip! ;-)

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