Monday, 5 November 2007

Parental visit!

My folk visited me this weekend and as usual, I had a frantic few hours of making sure that the house was spick and span! It seems to me that there are a few hotspots in the house that never stay tidy - you'd think that it would be easy to stay nice and tidy, but no, I am one of those people that have to work at it!

Anyway, we had a nice weekend - there was a bit of sticky moment though when Mum and Dad gave me my birthday present! Mum said that she loved it, but thought that I might not as it was one of those things that really does depend on individual taste! It was a little figurine of a country girl and.....I am afraid that it was just not to my taste! Fortunately Mum and Dad were kind enough to agree that Mum would have the figurine and they'd get me another present! Thanks Mum and Dad!

Present giving is nearly always wrought with tension - will they like it? - will it fit? - is it suitable? - will it end up in the nearest charity shop? Obviously there are times when you just can't go wrong - usually when the recipient has been quite specific about what they want! Still, for the most part present hunting can be enjoyable - I have a few ideas for this Christmas!

Anyway, Mum, Dad and I had a good weekend - we went shopping on Saturday at the nearest outlet centre! Got some boots for a present! Bought some DVDs, bought a steamer thing - we tried it out on Sunday - it did chicken, potatoes, carrots and broccoli very well!

Saturday evening was a bit of an adventure! I should explain - I won a £50 voucher for an Italian restaurant and so we had booked a table! You never quite know what a restaurant is going to be like do you! I am pleased to say that our fears were groundless - we had a slap-up three course meal for £20 - I had garlic bread, pepperoni pizza, and profiteroles - all very typical of me!! Mum had a salad, a risotto, and creme brule; Dad had king prawns, tagliatelle, and a typical Italian ice-cream that I just can't think of the name for.

Sunday was nice and quiet, Mum and Dad left at about 3pm after our dinner from the steamer, I was impressed with it and will be using it again, particularly it was so easy. I then spent the afternoon watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the Johnny Depp version), which was rather peculiar - quite dark film for all that it is meant to be for children! Although it is quite dark film, some people believe that is closer to the intent of the book than the earlier film made in 1971. Still, I thought it was an odd film. Anyhow, I have written enough today, so I shall stop!!

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