Thursday, 8 November 2007


Clearly it is way too early to begin talking about Christmas and I apologise to those who would rather not start thinking about Christmas until Christmas Eve!! ;-)

But, I had to tell you all about my day in London. I have just got back from a rather long day at the Spirit of Christmas fair that is held every year in Olympia. It is quite a nice fair - a real mix of stalls that hold clothes, smellies, toys, decorations, food, etc, etc! I don't go every year because it can get expensive, but I went this year and had a good time just browsing amongst the stalls.

Dad turned up too! He had said that he might come and that we'd try and meet for a cup of tea if he did, but as Dad had left to the last minute, I was not sure that he would arrive. Well, I was standing at a stall buying some candles when my phone buzzed, so I checked it for messages, only to see that Dad was calling...because I don't use the phone as most people might, I thought that Dad had made a mistake and so I cut him off!!! About two minutes later, he was calling again, so I grabbed the nearest nice looking lady and asked her to translate for me!!

To cut a short story shorter, he was in Olympia and looking for me! So, we met, I told him off for calling me, and we went and had a cup of tea! As it turned out, he didn't text me because of the way his phone ask's you to tick a persons name before sending the message, which isn't particularly intuitive, so I let him off!! ;-)

We had a nice day, just wandering around. Unfortunately I did not buy any christmas presents! Which kind of defeats the point of such a day, but I did get a few things for meself! A lovely pair of gorgeously smelling candles, a funky spotty hen doorstop, a purple canvas bag that seems to hold everything, and finally, an advent calendar from Montezuma's - my absolute favourite chocolate shop in Chichester that I was pleased to spot at the fair!! (I have just discovered that they now have a shop in Newbury - a mere half an hour from me!! Guess where I am going the weekend after next!!)

Unfortanately, the end of the day wasn't quite so good. I duly managed to get myself to Paddington in plenty of time to catch the train home, but there were lots of delays and cancellations! The ironic thing is that the electronic display boards now tell you why a train may be late or cancelled. The train that I had a reservation on was cancelled due to a mechanical fault and the train that I eventually caught was delayed because they were waiting for a member of staff!!! Anyway, I did eventually get home and am now about to go to bed!

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