Saturday, 6 February 2010

Rugby and music!

Am just watching the opening scenes of the Welsh/English rugby match playing this afternoon and, while I don't know much Welsh, I just loved listening to the players and half the stadium sing the Welsh national anthem - it really stirs the blood.

It stirs it in a way that the English national athem just doesn't - perhaps it's because I don't know the meaning behind the Welsh words, or perhaps the Welsh tune is just a better one - one that makes you want to stand up and sing as well (but I wont cos I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket!).

It's probably the same reason why I love hearing the Welsh male voice choirs - they just sound amazing.  When I listen to songs like "Men of Harlech" or "Myfanwy", I just get a tingle up  my spine listening to those deep glorious voices - I am sure that there is nothing quite like it elsewhere.

Anyway, it's the start of the Six Nations rugby tournament, it used to be the Five Nations of England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and France, and then Italy got involved, so it's now the Six Nations and it gets everybody's blood up and roaring for their home team!!  I don't watch a great deal of sport, but I do find that rugby is more interesting than football and you certainly don't get any rugby players pretending to dive ;-)

Good luck to everybody - may the best team win!!


Mrs.Spit said...

I adore God Save the Queen, but now I'm going to look up the Welsh Anthem.

I love to hear Welsh spoken.

Alice Teh said...

Wow, Sam, I know nothing about rugby but I sure love your new blog layout! It's lovely!

Heckety said...

Our Rector is Welsh so you can just imagine the slagging he got on Sunday morning- oh how the wit was flying!
I agree with yu about the Welsh anthem, and Welsh Choirs, they are ace! Have you heard Rhydian's new album? I got it with a token after Christmas and its pretty good.