Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I have been a LibraryThing member for ages.  If you don't know what LibraryThing is, it's a place where you can catalogue your personal book collection and see what other people have (appeals to the nosy in me as well as the librarian!)
Two years ago the fabulous LibraryThing people started SantaThing and I joined in the first time around and got an intriguing book.  The second time around I was a bit nervous of what I might get that time because I wasn't all that keen on the book that I had (which was The Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin - a distinctly acquired taste I think!) even though it was quite interesting and I did enjoy it, but I would not choose to read it again if that makes any sense at all.  This year, I thought that I would get stuck in even though I am bit late to the party!!
So late in fact that the deadline for SantaThing is today at 4pm EST which actually means 9pm my time, so if you are British you have plenty of time to go and put your name down for SantaThing!!  Simply put, you need to be a member of LibraryThing which is free up to a certain point and then you need to plunk down $25 (£15) to put your name in the hat and then once the names have been distributed (no addresses given out) you can have fun choosing the right book for this other person that you are likely to never ever meet!! And of course you get to have fun opening a suprise parcel - only a surprise in that you won't know what the book is!!
You know you want to do it!! ;-)


Alice Teh said...

Hi Sam! I'm a life member of LibraryThing and loving it. :D I will not be participating in SantaThing because I've already committed for another one...

jelly said...

the santa thing sounds fun!

i have looked into librarything, but didn't join, i am on the internet long enough...i can't join any more groups...i'm grouped out these days!! :-)

Reluctant Blogger said...

Ooops I think I missed the deadline!


Anonymous said...

Sam I would just like to say that you made my day.. i got your package today.. and it thrilled me even more today because it came from the UK.. i used to live in Southampton for a couple years!!! xx gina in michigan