Saturday, 12 December 2009


It looks as though I have been given the honour of “beautiful Blogger” by the lovely Liz over at Liz’s HOH blog.


Apparently what you have to do is nominate seven other bloggers for this and then tell everybody seven things about yourself.

So here goes!

The nominations are….(I hope you don’t think I sound like someone at the Oscars!)

Sunny in Seattle – a fabulous blogger that I have been following for ages now – is pregnant with twins and needs help naming them!!

Northwest Ladybug – I love this blog – there’s a great photo on it of a dog and cat sharing a beanbag in front of the Christmas tree!

Dispensing Happiness – for doing exactly that and organising things like blogging by mail!

The Literary Feline – for having a lovely blog and occasionally popping up on mine!!  ;-)

The view from the hill – who loves knitting and needs a bit of cheering up!

Liffey’s Blog – now this one is a bit unusual cos Liffey is a Hearing Dog!!

…and, of course, Alice – one of the bloggers that I have been following since I started blogging!

Well, that’s the seven blogs, now I need to think of seven things to say – I assume that’s seven things that I haven’t already said in two and half years of blogging (!!!)

I am sure you know this by now – but I am quite addicted to my laptop and/or iphone!!  I am constantly checking to see what’s going on, who’s emailed me and stuff like that!! (Mum would say that I am just very nosy!)

I hope to begin tap dance classes in January!!  I have made a new friend that plans to start her own classes the village hall – so I will give that a go!!

I am back at the dentist next Wednesday! :-( Yes that saga has not finished yet – I was still in pain (on and off) so they took an x-ray last week and then said to come back and they will redo the filling free of charge!  (will let you know how that one goes as clearly there is something not quite right with the filling.)

I love the song performed by the Salvation Army – Rise up Shepherd – I think that I’ve blasted it out of the speakers in the car at least fifteen times this week!!! (along with the other Christmas music!)

I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping – I clearly need to get a move on!! Three of them arrived in the post this week, so I AM getting there!  ;-)

I am just about to watch the latest Harry Potter release after leaving the DVD on my coffee table for a week cos I was too busy to watch it – that NEVER happens round here!

Finally – I will admit to loving Star Trek!! (that is, all but the original series as I am not so keen on that!!) So most weekdays evenings I can be found watching Voyager at 7pm and Sundays I will settle down to watch Deep Space 9!  (any more closet Trekkies out there ;-)  )

So there you go!  Thank you to Liz for thinking that I deserve this badge!


Katie said...

Thank You!
You're right I do need cheering up, and this has don the job nicely!

Carol said...

Aw, thanks Sam!! How NICE of you! I just wrote seven things about myself a few weeks ago. Can there possibly BE seven more?! Much appreciated!


Sunny said...

Thanks so much for the award! I am honored. Great timing, because I could use a post topic right about now. :)

I am jealous of your tap class, I hope you blog about it! I loved my tap classes back when I was younger and would love to try again.

Oh, and I'm not done with my Christmas shopping either. :P Almost, though...

Literary Feline said...

Thank you so much for the award, Sam! I can see why Liz gave it to you. You truly are a beautiful person.

Tap dance classes sound like fun! I dabbled in tap and ballet when I was a child, but didn't prove to be much of a dancer.

I do hope they get your tooth taken care of! My husband lost a filling last night. It hasn't started hurting him yet, but I worry he'll wait until it does before he makes a dentist appointment.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

jelly said...

congrats...nice job.

Alice Teh said...

Thank you so much for the award, Sam! I see that we both have nominated Wendy. That's cool!

I've just posted the award today so please hop over to read about my note on the seven things about me.

I hope your visit to the dentist is OK.

Anonymous said...

I have looked at this post before, but thought I'd leave a comment on it, so you knew I'd been. Hope you enjoyed creating this post as much as I did. And your welcome to the nomination. I have since added my hand made cards to my blog, on a new page. So your welcome to view anytime.

Have a Merry Christmas also Sam, and a Happy New Year.