Friday, 20 November 2009

Toothy update!

Well, it has been a couple of days since I went to the instrument of torture otherwise known as the dental chair!

Naturally it wasn't an entirely pleasant experience, but I had enough anaesthetic to numb the jaw right the way up to the ear - it is quite a weird feeling to have a hearing aid in a numb ear!  The dentist did her best to clear out the decay and she said that she would put some medication in the tooth before filling it up.

Unfortunately the pain has not yet gone away - if anything - I would say that it has gotten worse!  I suppose I was somewhat naive in thinking that as soon as the anaesthetic had worn off I would be entirely painfree.  But on thinking about it, it makes sense that the nerve would be tender and sore after the drilling and poking around!!

In addition to which, the dentist said that the decay was rather close the nerve and so the nerve itself may be damaged and so if the tooth is still ultra sensitive (aka painful!) in about a months time then I may need a root canal. So I am really rather hoping that this pain is just a result of the "surgery" and not anything else.  In any case, I am popping paracet@mol and ibupr0fen (safely of course!) and it seems to take the edge off.  (I hate those funny symbols in the medical words but I have already had a spammer and I think that this is one way to prevent them from  finding us!)


debbi taylor said...

I feel for you with your tooth! not good I had to have 10teeth out in total as I had too many! enough said - a bagalope is an envelope that is decorated to put a gift in email me and I will send you a picture of one that I have done x dead easy all you need is a4 envelope!

Anonymous said...

I am contemplating bridgework over the Christmas holidays. I am so nervous. Now more so!

Great post!