Wednesday, 29 July 2009

dry throat

It's rather amusing how I manage to be calm and collected in the face of Swine Flu and yet every little dry and tickly throat or sneeze sends me into a spiral of thoughts that I must be catching Swine Flu! and what would I do if I did!  I am not ashamed to admit that I have even checked my temperature a couple of times!!
Still, it just goes to show just how pervasive this thing is even if I don't know anyone who has been infected (to my knowledge!!) and yet I still believe that, other than good hygiene, there isn't really much we can do to stop the advance of this particular Flu - the antiviral medication just reduces the symptoms and possibly reduces the length of the illness by one day.  It doesn't actually cure it; and the vaccine....?  Not available yet!
There has been some talk in this hospital of redeploying staff in the event of a shortage of clinical staff if they all go down with Swine Flu, so...I could find myself on the wards yet if the worse comes to the worse and I am needed to feed patients or make the beds!  This is quite probably an over-reaction on the part of management, but I can still admire their forethought whilst still hoping that it doesn't happen!
At the moment though, I am Flu free and I intend to stay that way!!  ;-)


Matthew said...

You should be so lucky!

Working on the wards would make quite the addition to your blog!

I'm watching the pilot of Fringe. I could watch Joshua Jackson out-act everybody he meets for YEARS. (And hopefully, I will!)


Alice Teh said...

I'm so glad you're flu free!

Love the layout of your blog!